Dawn MacLear Fitness

Dawn now offers On-Demand Fitness Classes along with her traditional Zoom Online Classes.

Where Fitness is Under Your Control

Seated Strength

If your feet are sensitive or if you prefer to exercise in a seated position, this is the class for you!

ALL modifications are given for every fitness level! ALL the benefits of strength!

Muscle Conditioning

Classic Step Aerobics

Do you love Step class but can’t find what you want? Then, this is the class for you

Actual Kenpo, Kung Fu, and Hwa Rang Do moves, modified for all fitness levels and woven into a good, strong, cardio workout

Cardio Karate

Embrace the Mindful Path Today

Begin today. A mindful life is rich, rewarding, and accessible to all. Embrace the practice, embrace yourself.

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Where Fitness is Under Your Control - Live Zoom Fitness Classes or 24/7 On-Demand Classes